Exhibition Concept

Kloster Bentlage provides plenty of space for exhibitions, be they in the generously proportioned, renovated Scheune (Barn), in the sublime Dormitorium, in the light-filled salons or in the simple cloister. And of course let’s not forget the extensive grounds of the monastery complex, which can be used not only for events but also for performances and installations. In our temporary exhibitions we present chiefly contemporary art in all artistic categories. A special area of focus is contemporary graphic prints, resulting from the close collaboration with Druckvereinigung Bentlage (Bentlage Print Society) and the regular artist residencies.

And because art moves us, we move the art to us. In Bentlage we present both internationally established artists and next-generation artists, from near and far. As a partner of the Münsterland Festival we cooperate with many exhibition and event organizations in the region, and during the regular Triangle Project we host professors and students from art academies all over the world. And at the SNAP symposium Kloster Bentlage has established itself, in its role as a professional expert forum and with high-quality exhibitions, as a hub of the international graphic prints scene – to name just one of our activities.

Contemporary, critical, timeless, stimulating, startling – and always worth a second look... With our solo and group exhibitions, our regional and worldwide cooperation projects, we create an exhibition programme that attracts – and moves – a public from far beyond the boundaries of our own region.